Gianmaria Testa – Sottosopra Lyrics

Much more than the ground beneath my feet
Here I miss voices and the city
And I miss you, because I haven’t seen you
Since I’ve been here
We went up before the shift ended
To the factory roof to see
Whether from up there we could finally see
The one who got us fired
The first day he took off almost hurriedly
With us above and the others arguing below
But whose faces are those above the roof
And what do they have to look at?
Then the patrol car came tearing in
And a little boy waved from a window
Before night fell
The television crew set up shop
But no, I’m not coming down
Not even the television
Can make me come down
No, I’m not coming down
You go ahead
And go on television
Like passers-by during a sudden downpour
Crammed into a doorway’s only shelter
The people downstairs crushed themselves
Around the eye of the broadcast
‘A relative of mine was up there on the roof.’
‘outsourcing’s to blame as far as I’m concerned’
Everyone wanted the microphone

To say something on television
And while darkness sank into the streets
And onto the gates and railings of Turin
And the light had gone out on the balcony
Where that little boy was
I thought for an instant that I saw you
Among the others showing solidarity down there
But it wasn’t you and I stayed up
On the roof camping out
Days and nights have gone by since that day
And there’s traffic in the streets again
Only rarely is there someone who lifts their gaze
And watches me watching
My comrades have gone, too, and I understand them
It isn’t so easy to stay
If there’s someone waiting for you
If you have someone you can tell things to
And so, all alone now, I keep watch on my own
And I no longer care about getting down or going back
Or even about knowing
Who got us fired
Unchanging days go by and I don’t count them
Let them take away the breath of those who follow them closely
I’ll stay here and, for now, make do
With a little boy’s wave

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