Gilbert & Sullivan – Hush, Hush Not A Word Lyrics

Hush, hush! not a word; I see a light inside!
The Major-General comes, so quickly hide!

Yes, yes, the Major-General comes!

Yes, yes, the Major-General comes!

(entering in dressing-gown, carrying a light)
Yes, yes, the Major-General comes!

Tormented with the anguish dread
Of falsehood unatoned,
I lay upon my sleepless bed,

And tossed and turned and groaned!
The man who finds his conscience ache,
No peace at all enjoys;
And as I lay in bed awake,
I thought I heard a noise!

He thought he heard a noise
Ha ha!

No, all is still
In dale, on hill;
My mind is set at ease
So still the scene,
It must have been
The sighing of the breeze!

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