Global Death Toll for Coronavirus Reached 200,000

Global Death Toll for Coronavirus Reached 200,000


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The global death toll for coronavirus on Saturday reached 200,000, as the United Nations initiated an international drive for a vaccine to combat the pandemic. Governments all over the world are struggling to contain the economic destruction caused by the virus that has infected nearly 2.8 million people and leaving half of humanity under some sort of lockdown.

The magnitude of the pandemic has prompted medical work on the virus to move at an unprecedented pace, but successful drugs are still a long way off and the UN chief said the effort would need global cooperation.

The vaccine ought to be safe, affordable and available to everyone, stressed Guterres at the conference, which was also attended by the German and French leaders. Yet China’s representatives, where the virus first appeared late last year, and the United States, which criticized the UN World Health Organization of not alert quickly enough about the initial outbreak, were noticeably absent from the conference.

America is the Hardest-Hit Country in the Pandemic

The UN vaccine appeal came one day after US President Donald Trump stirring up anger and criticism with his suggestion that disinfectants using to care for patients with coronavirus.

When experts — and disinfectant manufacturers — scramble to warn against any such risky experiment, the president tries to go back on his remarks, claiming he talks “sarcastically.” America is by far the hardest-hit country in the pandemic, with 51,017 deaths and more than 890,000 infections reports. The pandemic batters the world’s largest economy, with 26 million jobs losing since the epidemic and American leaders also under pressure to find ways to alleviate social distancing initiatives.

Despite Trump’s criticism, Georgia’s governor has allowed several businesses to reopen on Friday. It includes nail salons and bowling alleys, prompting both criticism and relief.

But the chance to re-engage with society covets by some in town.

Western Countries Death Toll Appears to Drop

According to an AFP count, global COVID-19 deaths have soared past 195,000. But newly recorded cases appear to level off at around 80,000 a day. The regular death toll appears to be dropping in Western countries. It is a sign that optimistic epidemiologists hoping for. But the WHO has cautioned that other nations are still in the early stages of the battle. The extraordinary situation has left the world looking at its worst decline since the Great Depression. Also, put enormous pressure on world leaders to address concerns about public health and economic needs.

Several countries — including parts of Europe — have started to relax controls. It is with Belgium being the latest to declare a relief on Friday. Meanwhile, the pressure was rising on the coronavirus survivor government. Boris Johnson to justify how Britain is going to get out of the lockout stage and restart the economy. At the other side of the planet in Australia and New Zealand, where widespread social distancing steps are in place. People held vigils to pay tribute to their war veterans at Anzac Day from the solitude of their own driveways. It arranged official memorials behind closed doors.

Gatherings to be Avoided During Ramadan

Hundreds of millions of faithful around the Muslim world began the holy month of Ramadan. It is under stay-at-home conditions, despite unprecedented bans on mosque services. Also, the usual large gatherings of families and friends to interrupt the daily fast. The Great Mosque normally packs with tens of thousands of individuals during Ramadan is empty. It is in the Islamic holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. This is also, as religious officials suspending the year-round pilgrimage to Umrah.

Notwithstanding the coronavirus danger, in some nations. Also, it includes Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia — the world’s largest Muslim-majority country. So, clerics and conservatives have fought back and declined to stop meetings in mosques.

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