God Module – Wasteland Lyrics

Unknow contact
Synthetic reign of blood
We scape on the inside
Folding space to get to where we should be

Abnormal reactions
We embrace the memory of the blade
When the hammer comes down
We face the consequences of the choice we made

In a psychological wasteland
Bow down to the current that runs through me
Embrace the complex fear
Long live the new flesh of our circuitry

The surgeon starts the procedure
We all rise in the image of our new lord
Enough humanity to work the machine

A perfect world until we get bored

Slavery simply helps you forget
The constant pain of being alive
No more thinking, No more regret
Another worker bee for the hive

The next generation of reason
Dancing to the sounds that the death drones make
Science has served its purpose
Answering the question was our last mistake

Evolutionary revolution
A new description of the swarm
We can’t create what was never made
Or take the sight from the eye of the storm

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