Gong – When God Shakes Hands With Devil Lyrics

Fat cat smiles
The contract’s signed
He can be proud
The church agrees
His private army
Will be used to stomp the ground
There’s a peaceful blow
That’s gathering the faithful in [?]
I get beat rather than abused
‘Cause they see God everywhere
Earth stopped spinning in the middle of the day
When God and the Devil shake hands
Medium mogul
Calls this cop bum
And takes him for a meal
He offers him a kickback
To bust this guy
Who’s a rival in some deal
Big boy he got more to offer
To big cop and his crew
Back in the bag, crack in the mind
The dead man maid no leave no clues
Cracks in the Bible cracks in the bag
When God and the Devil shake hands
Round and round we go
Who knows

Center of the floor
There will come a time
And then you will be
When you will leave the way you are
Where you belong you really are
When you see, make it better
You are
That’s the way to go
The bravado [?]
Even if you flown your drift a thousand times
Fly fly and you’re there
Higher higher
They die
As the Devil shakes hands
As the Devil burns [?]
Hold on easy
Hey! And now you broke me
This is not a convoy of despair
We come to share
We’ll see you there
Even if you broke your trip a thousand times
This is not a convoy of despair
We’ll see you there
We’ll see you there
Come with us
Try again
Come again[x2]
Come again[x3]
Come on

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