Google Changes Hangout Services to New Feature ‘Meet’

Google Changes Hangout Services to New Feature ‘Meet’


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Google changes Hangout service to simply ‘Meet’ and now the company is also adding new features to the rebranded teleconferencing software. These features have been revealed earlier but Google only seems to have started rolling it out globally. These additions would help Reach rival other common platforms such as Zoom. Google is bringing out four features that they say are highly in demand for the application. The latest features tend to be aimed at downgrading competition and improving the user experience.

Google Changes Hangout ‘Meet’ Features
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With the new update, Google Meet now makes 16 participants on a single computer simultaneously. Earlier, the app allowed only four people to appear on the phone. Google believed future updates would include more improvements for larger gatherings, improved presentation formats and more app support.

Higher Video Quality

Now, the app lets users view a single Chrome tab instead of only displaying their entire window or screen. Google believes that this would help improve the quality of the video in meetings along with the audio content. The feature “show a Chrome tab” already rolls to general availability.

Low-light mode

As the name suggests, this feature should improve visibility under low illumination conditions. This new feature light-up dim-lit video streams as most homes fitting with enough lighting for good video quality. The app currently only rolls out to smartphone users and Google has indicated that it will be available to web users in the future.

Noise Cancellation

Another concern with domestic meetings is excessive ambient noise. During the call, this task should operate actively. Noise both for speaker and listener cancels. Video conferencing is critical to keeping the planet linked during pandemic and lockout periods. Because of its unique features which provide a communication platform, several relatively new brands like Zoom shot to popularity. With Google rolling out new apps, Meet better prepares to tackle the market.

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