Gyptian – All On Me Lyrics (feat. Lady Leshurr)

(Verse 1)
Oh me, oh my
What a girl sexy
What a girl fly
From the very first time
Stuck in a mi mind is like mi get high
When shi put it pon the left
And shi fling it pon the right
Mash up the whole a mi life
Mi seh mi haffi get another try
Cause tonight

Cause tonight she put her whole on me
Now she’s in my life this is all am dreaming it to be
Put her all on me

This is how I want to be
This is how I want my love to be

(Verse 2)
Loving is coming from you
And it’s hold me tight and don’t let go
Wi ticking like tic toc toe
This is all the best and the great we know
The best man you ever know
Love mi style, love mi flow
And I take you places you always dreaming to go

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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