Hadestown Original Broadway Cast – The Longest Winter Lyrics

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He came from the north
He brought snow, snow, snow
In the deepest of drifts
That billowed against the door, door, door
The longest winter I had ever known, known, known
We kept each other warm in the snow, snow, snow

He led me outside and said we should go, go, go
To see how the ice floes piled against the shore, shore, shore
Moving water hardened into stone, stone, stone
Oh, how my blood it rushed, crying go, go, go


He tended fire, he set it aglow, glow, glow
Maple and ash to cheer us against the storm, storm, storm
And in the evening, light turned into smouldering coals
We kept each other warm in the glow, glow, glow

He whispered my name and laid me down slow, slow, slow
In a blanket of down he pressed me against the floor, floor, floor
Dying embers, in his eyes the show, show, show
Breathless the whole night through, we moved slow, slow, slow


The days stretched their arms
The south winds did blow, blow, blow
In through the open window, in through the open door
And just like a bird that can’t be kept inside a nest
He buttons up his vest, he’s flown, he flies, he goes, goodbye
He knows that I can bear no eyes
But I will always hold him close, he’s there inside my mind
The cold, we know, it blows, blows


He came from the north
He brought the snow

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