Hamell On Trial – Her Father Lyrics

She’s in the bathroom, I’m drunk and we’re going to kill her father. Ain’t about the money, it ain’t funny, it’s about a little girl
All the years of watching CSI, gonna cover up my tracks. Can’t let my hatred, lust for revenge, over step my plans

Love is a sunset, love is a storm, up to our chests in snow, I’ll keep you warm. Love is a reptile, a wolf or a bear, love is a pirate ship, gonna take us anywhere

I had my fortune told when I was young, she said I’d slay an evil man. In the motel here, there’s a bible, and God has helped me with my plans

Love is a church where all the sins are cleansed, angel on the jury don’t care where you been. Love is wild sex when the wardens eyes are turned, love is a soft embrace when the books have all been burned

She wants to hold the gun, she wants to feel it roar, she wants to see his eyes and know. I need another drink, we’ll drive through Popeyes, then she’ll want to go

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