Hannibal Buress – Fire SUV Lyrics

Comedy is fun but I really, I really want to be a firefighter
I want to be a firefighter so I can drive the fire SUV
Cause I don’t know what the fire SUV does when they get to the fire
Like —-
Yep that’s a fire
Confirmed that is a fire, yup
Well I guess we gotta sit here and wait for the firetruck
so they can put some water on that shit, cause this is just a Chevy Blazer…
We do not have a water hose those people gon burn up until the firetruck gets here
That’s sad and unfortunate, what’s on the radio
the dude in the fire SUV is just the boss
Which has gotta be pretty easy to direct people when you dealing with fire

“Hey guys right there where there’s that fire” “Yeah”
“I’d like for you to put some water on that shit, consistently until there’s no more fire.

And we’re gonna go with the same approach right here, we’re gonna put water on the fire
Until there’s no more fire”
They probably had meetings in the morning
“I wanna, guys I wanna call everybody’s attention to the board right here
Hypothetically, if it’s fire right here, we want to put water on the fire, until there’s no more fire
We’re gonna go with a similar strategy right here, put water on the fire until there’s no more fire
Because that’s what we do we’re goddamn firefighters”
I bet they had the same agenda for every meeting but they just whiteout the date
Write over it, to save paper…

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