Hexvessel – Billion Year Old Being Lyrics

You can find my signs in this paradise
Where myriad the mornings shined
That I have hardly dreamed of
Through a hallucinary spell of time

A place where hunter gatherers
Gathered in their grave-house
My name was spoken on the wind
That blew away the sun

Billion year old being!

Statues planes and skyscrapers
Are underneath the seas and rivers
I emerge up from the seams of fate
To sew my secrets in the dirt

Then all the temples to the elements
Will be made from human skeletons
Turning in the universe
Like the moon around the earth

Billion year old being!

Rise rise my spirit rise
Shine a light over fields of fire

Sing sing my spirit sing
Over woodland glade and mountain spring

How soon the sun can turn the hands of time
And the cupstone flows with sacrifice
Tempered skin into beaten drum
Woodland bones ring out
With trumpet voice

Hawks ascend out of the open graves
Hand-made hills carved out of dead sand
Sacred are our waters no frost could still
Cloven myths shape the sun-cross of life

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