Htiekal – Island Man Lyrics

I’m Whatever’s opposite of proud
I’m either drunk or blowing on the loud
My body never fit into the crowd
As soon as you come in, im walking out
My stomachs growling I might gain 1000 pounds
Have to hear the thunder cloud
I’m fat and f*cking ugly now
My heart is out of money now
Its funny how
When you have something
Ain’t got nothing
No-ones nowhere to be found
Fame got me felling like dead
I had a conversation with my head
f*ck traffic
I don’t need no one else
I could kill my life
And do bad all by myself

Solo, dolo
Hello, hangup
f*ck a bitch ass nigga and a bitch

Things are not as they appear when your blessed

100 diamonds in veneer watch me flex
I’m not hiding got no fear got no stress
If you’re coming come correct, with the check bitch
All this fetty I possess i’m obsessed with it
Got it on my own copped the home plus the lex
Me no f*ck with you, your weird, youz a pest
Prolly bound to disappear with the rest
Give a f*ck how i appear, im depressed
Tears – tried to hide it in for years but im vexed
Labeled bottle
Don’t come near all this death
f*ck everybody
Get money
No regrets

Solo, dolo
Hello, hangup
f*ck a bitch ass nigga and a bitch

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