Hugh Coltman – She Signs Her Name Lyrics

She was working both day and night
Wanted to write more than the headlines
You know we’ve all got a rent to pay
She’d smile and say
Shrugging her shoulders high

Stepping into the rain
As the light drains away
Sitting down on her train
She slips into the dream again
Where she signs her name…

I just do what I have to do to make it through
That’s what she’ll tell you
But when she’s waking at 3am
Cold sweats again
Her head working over time

Stepping into the night
To the city she confides
Some are born with the right
But the ones like us must try
To sign our names
To sign our name

She wakes up
An hour after she went to sleep
She makes up
Dries the tears from her cheek
There’s nothing left to see
Just who could she be

Stepping into the rain
As the light drains away
I watch her crossing the street
And then I go back to bed
To sign her name
To sign her name

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