Hyperaptive – Lost Cause Lyrics

[Verse 1: Hyperaptive]

Let me take you through the life of a boy living his teens
On an estate in London, ridden with fiends
The type of people with not a smidgen of dreams
Who were either criminals or just risen as thieves
In a way, Daniel was lost from the start
In his ends the crime rate was off of the chart
Mum was an alcoholic, Dad’s a tosser and half
His f*cking family were drug addicts or locked behind bars
But all the same, Danny had a talent from a young-age
He loved writing, could spend hours with one-page
When told it would take him nowhere he was unfazed
Convinced he’d be a real artist at some-stage
But for every dream he had the bubbles-were-burst
As he grew into his teens the struggles-were-worse
Started dealing like his brothers and troubles-emerged
Selling coke instead of weed for double-the-worth
And all he saw as important was building-his-rep
Making money getting drugs, gold, silver-and-skets
Helping his mum where he could with the bills-and-electric
‘Til his passion for writing and dreams were killed-in-effect
He was slacking at school, and hadn’t written-in-months
The only time that he rapped now was spitting-with-chumps
Talking about knives and crime as they’d sit-in-a-bunch
He’d act like them to blend in but was sick-of-the-cunts
Deep down, this wasn’t how he’d pictured-his-life
He’d always wanted to write, and be addicted-to-mics
But now every day he lived seemed insipid-and-like
A bad dream he couldn’t wake from thick-in-the-night

[Verse 2:Hyperaptive]

By 16, he felt like he was loosing-the-plot
He’d let himself down the same road as youths-in-his-block
And he knew now that most in his shoes-had-been-shot
Locked up, or left in the block using-the-rocks
He was sitting down with a letter stuck-in-his-hands

Telling how he’d been expelled for a couple-of-grams
Of cocaine found in his school locker-and-Dan
Was now thinking stuff his exams, and f*ck-all-his-plans
Yeah getting his qualifications would-of-been-great
But he felt like he was trapped and he couldn’t-escape
Could of changed when he was younger but he shouldn’t-of-waited
Now he couldn’t see one thing good-in-his-fate
Every day he was getting by on five and tenner-bits
While his mum was trying to survive-on-benefits
Not bothered to move from where her wine-and-stella-sits
Most days now, he’d just get high-and-reminisce
Back on the days when he could of made-a-change
When he was free to choose from a major-range
Of prospects to get a job, and be paid-a-wage
Or build up his skills and have his tracks played-on-stage….

[Verse 3:Hyperaptive]

Then one night, Daniel was shotting-a-draw
He’d not even got too far from shutting-his-door
When 3 boys nearby watched him stopping-and-saw
The drugs he was holding and started bopping-towards
Straight away he knew they were up for having-a-fight
2 were shouting “What you got” and one was grabbing-a-knife
He tried fighting them back, he wasn’t having-a-slice
Of it but that didn’t stop the biggest from stabbing-him-twice
As he fell, he wished he could of paused-to-retreat
Wished he could of changed everything he saw-through-the-sweeping
Images of his life flashing before-him-at-speed
Cause he was now just another lost cause-to-the-street
He wished he had of changed his ways-and-practiced
On his talents, now he’d spend every day-on-his-raps
Could of had fans out there playing-his-tracks
But he was bleeding to death on the street laying-collapsed

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