Hyperaptive – Reverie Road Lyrics

[Verse 1]

f*ck sweet dreams
I’m having street dreams, on the side of the curb
Tryna figure out how the f*ck I would converge
The emotions I’m feeling right now combined in a word
But f*ck that, I’ll leave it to the lines in a verse
Since a younger man I fell in love
With this rap game, addictive with a compelling buzz
This shit gets me high quicker than any selling drugs
Even with the sweet boys and the fake felon thugs
But now I’m at the point of no return
No other choice now but to make dough and earn
I’m advancing every year as I grow and learn
Feeling close to breaking at times but still I’m going firm
Seeing guys who ain’t on a level to compete
Yet to my monthly views, they get treble in a week
And that ain’t even jealousy I’ll dead ’em on a beat
But I need to move fast, engine revving as I speak
Cause, too many days I’ve had pennies in a bunch
Tryna count up enough to fill my bell with some lunch
And if there ain’t enough, then the deli’s getting munched
Seeing rich boys, wishing I was any of the cunts
Coming home, Mum’s stressed from the lack of funds
Everywhere I look in London it’s a sack of bums
Pricks chatting about shanks and packing guns
Blaming all their self-made problems off the back of slums
Feeling like this world’s all a mess
Every corner that I turn is a ball of stress
Reminiscing on wrong turns and small regrets
Wondering if this life is really all a test
So I put the road under my fee
Pen and pad in my pocket and wander the street
Til I don’t know the way home, heart under my sleeve
And let it bleed ink onto the sheet


So let this
Road, take me wherever she goes
While I look to the future or memories old
When I need any stress temporarily froze
That’s when I come down Reverie Road

A place where serenity flows
Where none of life’s problems or enemies go
Where no, doors of thought can ever be closed
Welcome to Reverie Road

[Verse 2]

A life full of uncertainty
A world of chaos that we try and run perfectly
I’m just as lost as each of us universally
Stuck with the way this Earth, unmercifully
Brings adversity
Dad died when I was only a fetus
Left my Mum broke on her lonely to feed us
With a nuts kid growing, if you’d only of seen us!
Dodging different bailiffs every week hoping to meet us
Always broke as f*ck, living lower class in the strife
No family to turn to and ask for advice
It’s been pretty dark for the first half of my life
If karma exists, the next should be sparkling bright
But fame and riches ain’t what I’m thirsty for
I just wanna be stable by the time I’m 34
Not still tryna buss rhymes, living dirty poor
Struggling to survive in an estate on them murky floors
But can I make it on this path?
Every song I’ve made has been illustrated from the heart
But Rap now, just ain’t appreciated for the art
And you ain’t considered shit if you don’t make it to the charts
Regardless though I can’t adjourn rap
I’m too far down this road now to turn back
This is a part of my life and that’s a firm fact
I’ll be doing this ’til I’m nothing more than an urns ash
This ain’t like any road I can find
When I’m here I’m free from the world to open-my-mind
Speak from the heart, I’m already broken if I’m
Supposed to decline
Something this close to divine
So I put the road under my feet
Pen and pad in my pocket and wander the street
Til I don’t know the way home, heart under my sleeve
And let it bleed ink onto the sheet


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