I Am Legion – Choosing For You Lyrics

[Verse 1: Metropolis]
The obscure hand, I move in
Fingertips draped in loose string
Lurking about unknown, a ghost
You all move limb, at a dude’s whim
When I boost the trim? That’s the switch
You’re my slave, yeah, you’re my bitch
Jerk your whole life right out that ditch you’re in
Now you’re just my John Malkovich
Eyo, you can ask me, the truth about
Foreign Beggars, are we truly the Illuminati?
No, it’s something like the
Truman Show, bro, we’re moving nasty
Mood is ghastly, f*ck your life
Enter my zone, let the fungus strike
You’ve been inducted to the hive, we’re

Choosing for you
Move for me
Brain fungus

[Verse 2: Orifice Vulgatron]
Debased dream catcher
He dat seed snatcher
Detached scheme hatcher
Cheap plans that I leave fractured
Digitised, evolution
Reprogrammed in retribution
Celebrating my institution
I’m interested in your dissolution
My wisdom piss on your disillusion
No mysticism, this shit is proven
So intricate, I infiltrate to dissipate
Through this intrusion
This the moment I bring the truth in
My improvement is your conclusion
Every moment these lips are moving, I’m


They’re being controlled somehow
The illusion of free choice
In control

Choosing for you

Brain fungus

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