Illogic – Aphextwin Lyrics


Circling cyclones outside my windowpane, damaged baselines bandaged from this candid campaign slogan
Take America’s faith again!
I wait and grin with Aphextwin “Actium” on repeat
Sleep can only frame implosions
Caution is often viewed as a skewed display of fear
Soon today you’ll hear an array of excuses that losers spout
While watching the winners brave the winters, drought prosperous
The obstinance limits the amount of clout that they’re prepared to muster
Clusters of canvases clutter the gallеry walls, littered with fictional diction
Dictating a pixelatеd fallacy called impossible
Obstacles appear more immense when you’re alone
But in their defense, the fence was placed there for your protection
Lessons are found in the tones of each of these parts of speech spoken
Hoping to reach for the stars and be remembered for more than broken songs
Open to the option of the world singing along and watching the timeline we produce
There’s a fine line between evidence and proof
Contemplating the relevance of truth ovulating

Impregnating the youth with intelligence to boost the future’s greatness
I’ve been patient and practitioner
Just waiting to lace you listeners with style, grace and peace
Running the race til’ each prisoner’s released at least
This is the final call, a fall is in our midst
Catch the gist of what I’m tossing underhanded
This is just a tip of understanding
Waiting in the wings flapping to lift the culture
With this gift I press til’ nothing’s left for the vultures
We alter our vibrations based on the path we choose at the fork in the road to tune
Vengeance lays amazed and amused
Gone are the days of handshakes over coffee cake and milkshakes
Take advantage of the sun rays that manage to pierce the clouds
There’s nothing more entrusting than extending a hand to a crowd that gathers affront a stage to witness while you think out loud
Take America’s faith again!
I wait and grin with Aphextwin “Actium” on repeat flying, there’s no coming down


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