Inspector General Steve Linick Sacked by US President Donald Trump

Inspector General Steve Linick Sacked by US President Donald Trump


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Inspector General of the US State Department, Steve Linick, has been the most recent senior official to be fired by US President Donald Trump. Mr Trump said that he doesn’t trust Mr Linick and will be replaced within 30 days. Mr Linick had started investigating Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for alleged official misconduct, reports suggest. Democrats say Mr Trump is fighting back against government officials who seek to keep his administration accountable.

Not long after the announcement of Mr Linick ‘s dismissal, the Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said that Mr Linick had launched an investigation into Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Mr Engel has not provided Mr Pompeo with any further information about the scope of this inquiry. Congressional aides were quoted in different media. He is speaking on condition of anonymity, as saying that Mr Linick was investigating. Allegations include that Mr Pompeo may have misused staff and forced them to conduct personal tasks. Mr Linick, a former prosecutor appointing by Mr Trump ‘s predecessor, Barack Obama. It is to monitor the state department ‘s expenditures and identify mismanagement.

So, senator Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat, said the Senate Committee on International Affairs needed more detail on the dismissal. Thus, this is the latest in a series of removals of autonomous guard dogs from the government. Mr Trump, last month, fired Michael Atkinson, the intelligence community’s inspector general. So, Mr Atkinson first informed Congress to a lawsuit from a whistleblower, which led to an impeachment trial by Mr Trump.

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