Ivy Sole – Free Fallin’ Lyrics

I don’t know this god you say you fear deep down in side
I just know a god who gives me love & gives me light & pride

I don’t know about these dreams of mine
These visions yall can’t see
But I know about these dreams of lights
And shows and you with me
Third Eye-Ajna

I don’t know about this strength that they say come from deep within
I just know that my voice is all I got in the end
Throat- Vishuddha

I don’t know about this love yall say sometimes just comes true
But I know this hurt the kind that breaks a heart in two

Heart- Anahata

I don’t know if I can say those words you need to hear
But I know that there’s no place I’d rather be than here
Navel- Manipura

I don’t know about this chaos that I’m finding in the black
All I know is whatever I release then I’ll attract

Gimme one good reason
Just one is all I need
They say that life’s worth living
What if I disagree

Kundalini lives in each of us
All you need is love, you gotta trust
Indigo is rising each and every day
If you want me to I’ll show you the way x 6

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