Jackboy – Bitch I’m Up Lyrics

Can’t even sleep, bitch I’m up, bitch I’m geeked [x3]

[Verse 1]
Can’t even sleep, bitch I’m up, bitch I’m geeked
When I’m in yo’ city please direct me to the freaks
When I’m off that Henny, it be gettin’ hard to skeet
When I’m booted up I transform into a beast
Untamed, off the leash, still runnin’ with the heat
My glizzy, my G always on the side of me
I’ma kick the door, I don’t need no f*ckin’ key
Just f*cked yo’ bitch, she get this dick once a week
Trappin’, I’m law breakin’, car jackin’
Should be in the booth rappin’ but I’m out snappin’
Make it happen, don’t complain, ain’t with that naggin’
Got the Beamer, but I really want that Aston
When I pull up don’t hesitate, hoes jump they ass in
Eat the lap up while I dip and shift through traffic
Deep throat, dick disappear, I call it magic

Losin’ control of the Beamer, I almost crashed it
Had to park it to the side, seat in recline
Assume the position, get on top, bae start to ride
Actin’ like you don’t wanna, well that’s a crime
To the side, out my ride, walk, you waste time
Hit the club duffled up then catch a rise
Security outta line, think I’m waitin’ in line
I’m comin’ straight in, f*ck a fee, won’t pay a dime
Matter fact, I got hundred to bring my .9
Out my body on c-class, this not molly
Oh you ain’t in session yet? You got a tardy
This shit got me jumpin’ off the walls like Jeff Hardy
Puttin’ on for the city, stackin’ up the fetti
Project nigga, wrist icey, lilly dilly
Need a milly, apply pressure, make em feel me
Illuminati, nah that’s God in my body
Still keep the shotty and shooter posted ’round me

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