Jaded Heart – Set Free Lyrics

It’s something and I can’t explain
A feeling inside of desire
Feel the rush it runs through my veins
I can’t neglect I want higher

Stumble and moan, left all alone
It’s like in a haze
If I cannot run then you should know
I’m glad to be home

Another time another world
It’s time to face the truth
Another day another night
And I close my eyes

In hell I’ll be
And my soul’s been set on fire
It’s the time that I’ve got

And so it shall be
In hell I’ll be
We are equal to the fire
My life’s been a fight
It ends here tonight
And I am set free

A war in my head and an ongoing fight
Shackles so tight I can’t breathe no
No one believes what’s inside of me
It’s dark there’s no fire

Where can I go where can I run
And what can be worse
The world is on fire
Funeral pyre
It makes me alive

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