Jah Cure – Pray

Seems like someone put a target on my back again
and every time I turn another knife is in my back again’
Oh yeah
It’s a cold cold world, but here comes the cure

I do it for my grandpa
Who taught me to be strong
I do it for my grandma
I just wanna make you proud
Cause when you’re down
They love to see you frown
Oh yeah
But when you reach the top
They just can’t wait to pull you down

When you pray for other people in your people
Can you say a special one for I and I
Seems like the higher that I climb,
The enemies coming left and right
When you pray, the wolves will fade away
and Jah will save the day
I do it for my mother who did all that she could
Know that she could
I do it for my daughter, to teach her like I should

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