Jahaziel – Makings Of Me Lyrics

They say what don’t break you will make you
My mum used to say
If you don’t hear then you must feel
This one just goes out to all those who helped me get here
And those who were helping me get there

[Verse 1]
From the waters burst
Nurse wasn’t sure at first
Told mum prepare for the worst
She’s headed for a premature birth
Pops stared at his wife
With tears in his eyes
She’s near to sparing her life
Prepare for the cesarean knife
They had to open her up, she did it
That’s why I’m here to show her what’s up, don’t get it
Twisted at all, I know I didn’t always listen at all
But I seen how you given your all, and I
Hope it’s all been worth it
Cause you know me
I wasn’t the easiest child to work with
I know that I was far from perfect
Sometimes you spoke a language of love I found hard to interpret
But I understand now I’m grown
A man can stand on his own
A man’s land is his home
When a man’s fam is his throne
And a real man will handle his own
I learned that from your words and the example you shown
Mum you flown home to Jamaica now
I pray this debut album will make you proud
Dad you wasn’t always around to raise your child
But I’m grateful how you still gave a great amount
I seen my fair share of rough living
Still I gotta give thanks for my upbringing
Cause what life could of been I will never know
But God works all things together for my better so

If you see me on the ends doing fine
Just know I coulda been up in the pen doing time
Though you might see my countenance shine
Know I still got mountains to climb
But thank God that His word is faithful
For this I’m eternally grateful
Now I see
It’s not just where the journey takes you
It’s the man that the journey makes you

[Verse 2]
I wasn’t raised in the church
I was raised on street life
And I seen the ways that it works
I’m no stranger to pains and hurts
Tried to escape the curse by blazing the herbs but
I found out the cycle get high then get low
Keeps going round like vinyl
And it’s going on a downward spiral
Couldn’t find a way out till I found the Bible
Shout to Simon for being a witness
Meeting me at my crib and just reading me Scriptures
And that’s the reason I writ this
Just wanna say bless to all my brothers and peace to my sisters
Cause without these people I wouldn’t be here
Gotta give a shout to the people who couldn’t be here
Like my cousin Carl and my boy Ashley
Mike Griffis Aunt Sharon and lil Alfy
To my grandfather and my girl Marsha
Young or old they made such early departures
It’s hard to express but you passed and the death
Told me to value the time I got left
It’s such a valuable blessing getting practical lessons
At Calvary Chapel from Robert, Patrick and Efrem
In fact big thanks to all of my pastors
Wayne Malcolm .. John Francis
Thanks to Dennis .. shout to Noel and Sharon
For loving me when some loved only my talent
Much love to the mandem in GreenJade
Without them I probably would of never have been saved
At times man I thought I would never see change
But thanks to my wife Nadine cause she prayed
And the names go on and on
I got a list way too long to say in this song
But I gotta stand and pay respect to the fam
That made me the man I am today
Truthfully I’m just fruit from the true Vine
Was blind but now the dude can see
I’m not saying that the truth is me
I’m just saying I’m grateful
Cause I ain’t what I used to be

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