Jahaziel – You Got Yours Lyrics (feat. Melody Of Nu Soul)

[Verse 1]
It’s Jahaziel
The kid’s called to spit bars well
And let the world know that God’s real
That’s why I rock mics in spotlights
I came from a hardknock life
Now I praise God
I got life
Many nights
I could of got knifed or worse
Could of got shot
Could of got
Bucked in a hearse
And now I
Look in reverse
And I look and I smirk
Cause man I never thought I’d ever put my foot in a church
Since birth
Crooked and cursed
Putting in work
I’m driven by a vision that’s bigger than pushin a merce(des)
Cause it’s worth
More than money can buy
To see these heads arise
And shine bright
Like the sun in July
Ain’t a matter how high to climb
It’s psychological
They say impossible
God says I am possible
So who’s responsible for yesterday’s news
It’s you
The future’s whichever way that you choose

[Chorus] x2
Life is a gift
But too many losing it
Ain’t what you got
But it’s what you do with it
Choice is yours
Better start choosing it
Cause you got yours

[Verse 2]
Some nights I dream with my eyes open
My mind floats in the sky
So I can clearly see the goal on the rise and approaching
Some think I’m hoping for something that won’t happen
They say it’s never gonna go Platinum
But man I never chose rapping
Just to get your toes tapping
My hope is to break them chains your soul’s trapped in
I speak with passion
Word to the street
There’s no relaxing
Till I see my purpose complete
There’s more action
Cause who don’t work
They don’t eat
Or who don’t sow
Don’t reap
The roots gotta be sown deep
The seed dies
To rise from the earth’s tomb

And make the flower that blooms
And burst the perfume
You gotta die before you truly can live
Like you gotta close your eyes
Before you see what life is
Before you can build
You gotta destroy
You gotta endure
Before you enjoy
That’s the process
That separates the men from the boys
Trust God
If you’re willing
He can fill in the void
If you start killing the noise
Listen you can hear His whispering voice
Life or death
Which is your choice?

[Verse 3]
Both my hands are raised
And I stand amazed
Cause I come a long way since
Back in the days
All I did was
Rap and blaze
I left school
With bad grades
Cause I wasn’t in class
For days
I was
So fed up and broke
With no development hope
I started peddling coke
In dance raves
Till my man
On class A’s
Before he passed
I wish I had a chance to say
Your imitation’s just a masquerade
You can graduate
You can even pass with A’s
I don’t care about your
Color, creed, class or age
Or whether in the past
You’ve made some bad mistakes
Destiny’s not in the hands of fate
It’s in the plans you make
The path you take and activate
You got your chance today
You don’t have to wait
Or procrastinate
All you gotta have is faith

They say yesterday’s the past
Tomorrow’s the future
And today is a gift
That’s why it’s called the present
Thank you Jesus
It’s time to wake up
Open your eyes
No time for wasting
Living your life
(Life in abundance)
Separate and sanctify
(Get yours)
You can be free
In Jesus Christ

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