Jahlil Beats – Coolest In The World Lyrics

Jahlil Beatz, holla at me!

[Hook x2]
Pocket full of money, dyke girls
Fast cars, coolest in the world
Black chicks, white girls, stupid swag
Coolest in the world

[Verse 1: Jahlil Beats]
Old school, that bitch humming
I hear ’em hating, they ain’t saying nothing
I’m so cool, so cool
Shitting on these niggas, I’m so rude
Bad bitch, she gon shake her ass
Bad bitch with a lot of cash
Made nigga, I did it myself
Paid nigga, I did if for the wealth
Young nigga, twenty three
Niggas wanna hit then they gotta come to me
No competition, all I see is I
Snap back. My vans untied
I’m super popping
You a no body
Oh that’s your girl?
That’s my old body
She on my nuts
I’m cool as shit
My wrist wear, super sick


[Verse 2: C Dot Butler]
I’m chasing money, I’m getting paper

Tint’s on the whip cus I don’t wanna see you haters
Liven Legendz takin’ over best believe that
Matter fact where my phone at, I should tweet that
I’m fresher than a baby wipe
Yeah I live a crazy life
Hoes to my left and right
I’m layin’ pipe day and night
Two wrongs don’t make a right
But two broads make my night
Name the price I cop it ‘cus I’m
Ballin’ like the 90’s Mike
That’s right
And plus I got on some crazy Mikes
I just popped the tags
Yo, I just jocked the swag
Yeah I’m killing em’ like Jason, in a hockey mask!
Bitches on dizzeck, all types a bitches
Rican, Black, White, Mixed; they all vicious
Jahlil on the track so you know the beat hittin’
Catch us up in V.I.P, rosé sippin’

[Hook x2]

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