Jam Baxter – Wings Cost Extra Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I’ve been staring off this roof for as long as I can remember
In an unspent hour I buried in late December
Where the icy winds tug and unravel your raison d’être
And the scene beyond swells in its dirty decadent splendour
A mere blemish in a scene seldom relished
Dogs howl and withering addicts hang at the chemist
I shrugged off the lingering grip of the psychedelics
And grabbed one by his neck
To examine his drab aesthetics
His skin hung like patchwork hammocks from his limbs
Gaping mouth like an ink stain splattered on his chin
The sweat cascaded from his palms
With a stance reminiscent of a circus bear balanced on a pin
I travelled on a whim aboard the final train to central
To where the world’s weirdest freaks and invalids assemble
The torrential rain flooded our minds with squirming invertebrates
That dictate our movements through pockets of heavy turbulence
Pigs prod at a child, losers become cheaters
Strange wild beasts eat buckets of lesser creatures
All the dealers either shrunk to single cell amoebas, burnt their
Features off, robbed their connections or found Jesus
Disembodied heads in dusty corners
Headless bodies inject liquor directly into their organs
The never ending crux of a very strange performance
The beauty’s in the gutters
This entire world is flawless

Scramble for a seat at the centre, fangs on discount, wings cost extra
Still freefalling on a seven day bender, leap from the cliff tops, wings cost extra

Still in awe of it all, tear a hole in the head, cram it full of debris
Bag of souls to injest
Primal spasm for one, peel an inch from the brain

Whisk the earth to a pulp, sit and drink the remains
Air heavy with sin, name written in lights
Wouldn’t swap it for shit, eyes teaming with life
Keep hold of your face, days mimic a dream
Still chewing the sky, reboot the machine

[Verse 2]
The smell of crack wafts from the brothel beside the chicken shop
Above a sewer teeming with giant beetles and killer wasps
Opposite the corner where kids gorge on forbidden slop
And when their stomachs burst, wipe their innards off
And go about your business
Blind eyes in a barrel, a tycoon launches grenades at a herd of cattle
Slimy little boutiques buried beneath the gravel sell portable weapons
For the killer that likes to travel
The modern mammal, a delicate balance of blood and flesh
I spat the phlegm from my mouth and swung a left
Past a crowd of braying patriots dying a dozen deaths
And a crazed woman drilling a hole in her lover’s chest
I saw them all smeared across my vision
You were always taught to fear the competition
The gin took a hold of the scene and pulled it apart
Revealing manic pigs slithering adders and rabid gibbons
All tearing through the hours
Fiends feed addictions
Inpatients rattle off an endless list of symptoms
The earth yawns and wipes a city from existence
In a mouthful of crumbling buildings and little infants
I leaned forward and ordered another double
And tunnelled out of my mind through a forest of fat and muscle
f*cked on every such substance you could fit atop a shovel
I text my bredrin and tell her I’ve been staying out of trouble
Yeah right


Shuffle off the edge

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