Jay-Z Stan Arrested For Sneaking On Flight To Meet Hov

One of Jay-Z’s stans found herself behind bars for going through lengths to see him.

A woman in Chicago came concerningly close to successfully boarding a plane without a ticket, and only after she was caught did she explain that her master plan was to make it to Los Angeles to meet Jay-Z. According to the Chicago Tribune, Yaazmina Payton was arrested for felony criminal trespass in O’Hare International Airport on Sunday after she pushed past security and made her way onto an American Airlines flight headed to LAX. The 23-year-old woman confessed to police after her arrest, offering to show authorities how she successfully pushed past two security checkpoints in an attempt to make it to L.A. to see Hov.

Thankfully, someone in the airport was following the airport security motto of, “If you see something, say something,” and notified security when they noticed Payton duck under the ropes at a boarding door. Airport employees were informed about the unauthorized entrance before the plane took off, and Yaazmina was eventually arrested after she was unable to produce a boarding pass.

American Airlines reported that the aircraft was thoroughly searched and cleared before taking off. Payton has since obtained a court-appointed attorney who has stated that the young woman suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorder, and therefore may have been having a mental health episode at the time of her crime.

Meanwhile, TSA is conducting an investigation to determine how Payton so easily evaded security and made it all the way onto the plane. The process will reportedly take up to 90 days to complete. For now, Payton has not been determined as a threat and was released on $500 bail, but she has been banned from O’Hare. Let’s hope Yaazmina gets the mental health help she needs and is eventually able to see Jay-Z in concert from an appropriate distance.

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