Jess Williamson – Sorceress Lyrics

Honey, there ain’t nothin’ to it
I am gonna love you through it
I have run away before
But I am not running anymore
I am not running anymore

Take the stones out of the house
Does ’em good to leave ’em out
And ask Ramon for an open end
For us, I do it all the time
I did it all the time

I’m not running anymore
Not looking out that open door
May I remind you
No one’s keeping score
So what are you dying for?

I have changed the water

I have drank the wine
I’ll light a candle for our love
It takes the same kind
Takes a certain kind

But I’m not trying to tame a lion
I want to be caressed
Yes, there’s a little magic in my hat
But I’m no sorceress

Got the patience of a lamb, I guess
But I’m no sorceress

A woman with a fever heart at best
I’m no sorceress
I’m no sorceress

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