Jimmy Nice – This World Is Not Thy Friend Lyrics

Look, look

Liberally laying out the fruits of my labours
Learnt quick never to politic with neighbours, or
Talk out my mouth like where Tilly Devine kept the razors
Indelible rhymers that inevitably raised us
The name on train that gave status
A classic that carried us through the ages
Dirty hands paint a perty picture
But I’m from the 2040, I can’t got 70/30 witcha (Haha)
That don’t add up to me
Like adding Adam and Adam and tryna get Eve
I’m tryna get even, rap sheets read like rap sheets
In addition to the fact I ran track like mathletes
Know a guy hoping for three-to-five and work placement
My only nine-to-five is the word placement
Cash is king, the accidental come up’s a beautiful thing welcome to the world of entertainment
I’ve been legendary in these streets hella heavy
With the words ‘fore you came in, word to the pavement
Led a few to water but can’t feed the crowd
This for the queens that I’m down with and Gs I’m proud of
I’m the type of guy that reverse into a parking spot
Just to guarantee that it’s easy to get out of
All I give you is game, it won’t get rid of the pain
The rain followed the sun and left as quick as it came (Woo)

As long as there’s some legendary rhymers
That keep me in their five then forever I’ll be fine with It
I’m in for the long haul, I know it’s a marathon
Mind of 5’9″, the flows of Pharoahe Monch
The voice of Styles P, Lupe’s intellect
Only a few living can avoid the avalanche, the flood
I’m pouring out Pinot in Palawan
My bag on a whole ‘nother plane, carry on
Way too many Lils thinking they big deals
What’s it gonna take for you to see I’m the real?
Rap thing is light work, I’m round some heavies
They down and deadly, I may just have an album ready
In the year I been gone I bought me a home
I lost my mother to cancer, a fight to the end
Fell to my knees, I married the girl of my dreams
And realised this world is not thy friend
But I’m back on my shit again, back on my synonym
Sinning is sellin’, so back to stacki’n them dividends
I done had the craziest year filled with the craziest days
Crazy enough to make an atheist pray
Still I stand tall in front of you all
Conjure up the breath that it take me to say
That if you wanna do it, and you can do it
But you don’t do it, then you foolish – take it from J

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