Joe Biden Leads Donald Trump by 11 Points as per New National Poll

Joe Biden Leads Donald Trump by 11 Points as per New National Poll


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Joe Biden, the Former vice president leads against President Donald Trump in Quinnipiac University’s new head-to-head poll, which has the presumptive Democratic nominee up 11 points. The survey, published on Wednesday, showed that Joe Biden was favoured by voters over Trump by 50% -39%. 88 per cent of Democrats polled said they would vote for Biden while 5 per cent said they would vote for Trump. For the Republicans, 87 per cent selected Trump while Biden was chosen by 8 per cent. Independents preferred Biden 47% -36% over Trump.

Biden’s lead is increasing from Quinnipiac ‘s early April national poll of voters when voters preferred Biden over Trump 49 per cent -41 per cent; the change is well within the error margin of the survey. As states continue to carry out reopening plans in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Biden’s lead arrives. More voters dislike of Trump’s coronavirus response than they did in April, the poll found. Forty-one per cent of voters support the response while 56 per cent disapprove of the response, 46 per cent of last month ‘s approval and 51 per cent opposition.

Started asking which candidate they felt would help manage the outbreak of coronavirus, 55 per cent said Biden would and 39 per cent said, Trump. More voters have said that Biden’s health insurance will be better than Trump said, 57% -37%. But voters split on which candidate they feel is the best able to manage the economy, with Biden saying 48 per cent and Trump saying 47 per cent.

Trump Avoids Wearing Mask

Two-thirds of Americans, 67%, said Trump expects to wear a face mask in public. It is with the overwhelming majority of Democrats, 90%. He said he would and most independents, 66%, in agreement. Thirty-eight per cent of Republicans have stated that they should wear a mask. So far, Trump has not worn a mask in his public appearances. But most White House employees around him have done. So since testing positive for the virus by some workers. It includes press secretary Katie Miller and Vice President Mike Pence.

Most Americans favour caution when reopening state-owned enterprises and public spaces, the poll found. Seventy-five per cent state the reopening does carefully to avoid coronavirus spreading despite negative economic impacts.

The Quinnipiac poll is from May 14-18 and questions 1,323 register voters who self-identify. It range of plus or minus 2.7 percentage points for error.

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