John Parr – Dream On Lyrics

This little house
This little voice
This little town
Of Little Choice
I remember a dream
Bigger than me

My friends all laughed
My mother cried
But I would not be denied
I was going to be
All that I could be

Is this the same sky we’re under
Is this the same sun
Are these the same dreams we’re dreamin’
Or am I the only one
Dream on…

I left school and got a job
They tried to make me
What I’m not
Punchin’ time at the old factory

In my time of desperation
I was dreamin’ of you

Does your heart lie in a fortress
Can these words of mine break through
Dream on…

Dreams come true in California
Gonna write my name in stone
Fancy names in old disguises
Bled me to the bone
Left me hangin’ by the phone
Ten thousand miles from home

And in the end
One truth remains
Through the passions and the pain
Oh the fire’s still burnin’ in me

I climbed the highest mountain
Crossed the wildest sea
I knew this old town was
Dependin’ on me

Dream on…

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