John Smith – Blunderbussintro Lyrics

[Scratch Intro]
“Here me coming”
“Here me coming”
“Here me coming”

[Verse One]
For a short period of time the beers were sworn off
And it was getting ridiculous so the beards been shorn off
It was exciting, the plastic of my own CD’s getting torn off
The novelty hasn’t worn off
In fact it’s awe inspiring
I gained a certain admiration for the rewiring
Not that it ain’t tiring any more
I’m aware that as much as I bring there’s plenty more
Lying in wait and ready to be tackled
So I attack what I hate
Even if what I state is making the debacle
Of the latter day MC’s image
Which I liken to historical clubs recreation
Outfitted in vintage threads from noggin to heel

I’ll rep Winnipeg on a toboggan made of steel
With snotty noses and sore throats we chant on Break Bread
With [?] clavers and ski pants on
We love innovation,respect and integrity
Maintain levity, uphold certain traditions selectively
That’s why you never hear me hating on homos
When I dress up funny like Marilyn and put on the dope show
And for those of you who don’t know
This is my solo album
Some call me Skid Row Joe
Mr. Pink Inch
Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo
And Sir Smith the wordsmith
The rubber gut
And this is John Smith’s Blunderbuss
Or in transit

“Here me coming”

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