John Wilkes Kissing Booth – Dons Turf Motel Lyrics

Bring back the night to your eyes
Let me swim in la suicide
Bring back the noose to your neck
Never a chance to ressurect (but then why’d you want to)
Bring back the pills to your tongue
Let me see what you’ve done
Bring back the match to your mouth
Don’t let the cops put you out
It burns like argentina
You came to burn down my hotel
And the flames move like rivers inside you

With your mouth full of matches and eyes full o gas
Ill pray for your fire to last
Bring back the night to your eyes
Let me suggest a suicide
Of my arms around you


Man it gets so hard
Sleeping here alone
The broken mix tape still rewinds me
Man it gets so hard sleeping here alone
Are you sleeping there alone?

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