Jonathan Edwards – Dues Day Bar Lyrics

There’s nothing in the world that I would rather do
Than pick up my guitar and do a tune for you
A tune for you, Lord, it’s just for you
And it’s what I like to do and it’s just for you

There’s nothing I can think of offhand to even eat or drink of
Make me feel a Virginia deal
It looks like a good deal more – it’s a steal

I listened to the news tonight and it made me sick
So I grabbed up my guitar and I began to pick
I picked up a song that I’ve known all along
Keep away from what’s wrong and you begin to get strong

It’s easy to ignore the world
You play guitar for your best girl
She says yes, you done your best

You passed the test, you better move out west

I hope that when you hear it
In your heart, you will be there and near it
Happiness is it, more or less
Well, I guess, yeah, yeah, yes, yes

I remember when I was a kid, the work I did
And the, the big ones that I hated and the place I hid
But then I found a guitar and the Dues Days Bar
And now I’m better by far because they call me the star

At least that’s what they tell me
In the market where the fella sells me
Four ninety-eight – don’t be late
I better get straight before I pass through the gate

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