Joyryde – DAMN Lyrics (feat. Freddie Gibbs)

[Sample: Freddie Gibbs]
When I hit you up I'm talking about bangin' something
Chill off in your crib and have a thing, probably make it stank or something
Girl you like my bottom bitch, post my bail, pay for my lawyer
Play your position when them other hoes get out of order
When you wanna give me that p*ssy? You purchase a plane ticket
Run around town, when I bust her down they want shit like them lames did it
Got her dick whipped, my dick smeared with lipstick
Basically if this bitch lay with me she payin' me, I'm on some pimp shit

For real! It's 2 A.M. club was bout' to close up
Thumbing through my contacts bout' to call one of my hoes up
Then I met you, kicked game and followed you to the breakfast spot
f*cked you like I married you that night up in the Marriott
Scream like you got your cherry popped
f*cking, switching up positions
Thought this shit would never stop
Motherf*ck an intermission

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