Julie Andrews – I Wish I Were in Love Again Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
The sleepless nights
The daily fights
The quick toboggan when you reach the heights
I miss the kisses and I miss the bites
I wish I were in love again

The broken dates
The endless waits
The lovely loving and the hateful hates
The conversation with the flying plates
I wish I were in love again

No more pain
No more strain
Now I’m sane
But I would rather be gaga

The pulled-out fur
Of cat and cur
The fine mismating of a him and hеr
I’ve learned my lеsson, but I wish I were
In love again

[Verse 2]
You don’t know that I felt good
When we up and parted
You don’t know I knocked on wood
Gladly broken-hearted
Worrying is through
I sleep all night
Appetite and health restored
You don’t know how much I’m bored
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The furtive sigh
The blackened eye
The words “I’ll love you till the day I die”
The self-deception that believes the lie
I wish I were in love again

When love congeals
It soon reveals
The faint aroma of performing seals
The double-crossing of a pair of heels
I wish I were in love again

No more care
No despair
I’m all there
Now, and I’d rather be punch-drunk

Believe me, sir
I much prefer
The classic battle of a him and her
I don’t like quiet and I wish I were
In love again

Oh, I wish I were in love

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