June Marx – Bombs Away Lyrics

This is Afghanistan's highest security prison
It's home to – Afghanistan's most famous gun for hire
He leapt to international notoriety 18 months ago when he was disowned by the U.S. government and arrested in Kabul for alleged kidnap and torture

[Verse 1: June Marx]
Bombs away, warfare for the modern day
Times change your grandfather would say
I supply the raw with an uncommon array
Styles stay on point like a firearm on display
Marx from the livest breed
Recite it like the Rifleman's Creed
Indeed I precede in your time of need
My mind travel through the barrel at a higher speed
This is school of infantry, not Ivy League
Was on an island and the name was Paris
Sharpenin' my skill I was training in the barracks
Facin' the challenge I maintain through the madness
Through the rain, sleet, or snow built to reign it was savage

And this is why my marksmanship is all precise
This is what it takes to make it through the hardest nights
Move in silence like when a stealth bomber strikes
It gets deeper than just fighting for the stars and stripes
My message is universal
Uncommon valor was a common virtue
And this is for my veterans with the folded flag
Twenty one gun salute, I unload the mag
Rifle in the sky with the bolt action
Most'll never know but you and I knew what happened
From World War 1, Desert Storm, to OIF
Let me tell you about my story of surviving death
Business has never been so good for the modern day gunslinger. Iraq, Afghanistan, and the war on terror has stretched our regular armies to the limit. Never before have mercenaries been so highly prized

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