Karmina – Free Lyrics

Verse: This is not about you
It’s all about me, what makes me happy
That’s something you just couldn’t do
Kept bringin me down, I was in the background

Prechorus: You can’t touch me there, you don’t deserve my body baby
You say it’s not fair, but I’m the one who calls it lately, cause I’m

Chorus: Free, yeah
I have arrived, I’m so alive, now that I’m
Free yeah
I’m on my own but not alone, cause I’m

Verse: It’s so different than before
I have a purpose, and I’m not nervous
Now I feel so much more
I’m walking proudly, and singing loudly

Prechorus: And I wouldn’t rather be, anywhere but right here now

And I’m so proud of me, cause no one had to tell me how, cause I’m


Bridge: So shove it all into that big head of yours, all those
Dramatic scenes I don’t need any more
Cause I’m Free

Last chorus:
Free Yeah
I’ve got it all, I’m having a ball and I’ve got
Dreams baby, they’re not with you, you get the clue? I’m flyin
Solo baby, I have arrived, I’m so alive, now that I’m
Free yeah, I’m on my own, but not alone, cause I’m
Free, Yeah

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