Katie Pruitt – Georgia Lyrics

When I think of Georgia, I think of you
High as a kite in the second pew
You were my best friend, the light of my youth
And the only one back then that knew the whole truth

‘Cause if I told my mom
She would scream at the top of her lungs
Saying I don’t belong
I don’t belong
Sure hope she’s wrong

I wanted to be honest
I wanted to be brave
But if my grandmother knew
She would roll in her grave
And my father would scream
He’d scream out in rage
He did not want a daughter whose soul wasn’t saved

He thought if I told the world

They would not see me as the same girl
They’d say I don’t belong
I don’t belong
Well, that’s where he’s wrong

There is a place past the Georgia pines
And people who welcome you with an open mind
And they say it’ll take, it’ll just take some time
‘Til love, it belongs to all humankind
Oh, ’cause I told the world
And they still saw me as the same girl
They listen to my songs
And they made me feel like I belong
Yeah, they make me feel like I belong
Oh Georgia, you were wrong

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