Katie Pruitt – It’s Always Been You Lyrics

I was broken and bent out of shape
Everything was a dark shade of gray
There never was a sunnier day
Than when you decided to get on that plane
Touch down in the Tennessee rain
And I had no clue it was gonna be you

Then one night we got high on your bed
I had the munchies and your eyes were red
In the grocery store shopping for bread
You looked me dead in my eyes and you said
“Let’s have a sword fight with these French baguettes”
And that’s when I knew it was gonna be you

You came wandering into my life without warning
We stayed up talking, before I knew, it was morning

At a house party just down the street
My band was playing and you came to see

Oh, we both had way too much to drink
We made out all night on some strange balcony
I swear I never wanted to leave
And neither did you
Oh, neither did you

It was perfect, as if God himself wrote it
I’d be fine dying if my life were only this moment

In my bedroom when I was a child
I imagined that same exact smile
In my dreams, oh, you drove me half wild
I thought for sure it was all in my mind
You could never exist in real life
Yet somehow you do
Oh, somehow you do

There must have been angels
Singing sweetly above me
Oh, do you love me?
There’s nobody who makes me feel like you do
I know that it’s always been you

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