Keenan The First – Black People Never Die Lyrics

One time for my city, St. Paul
One time for my fans, uh yeah
One time for my
One time, one time for
Yeah, Unh

A middle finger in my face
Learn to bend and never break
If it’s starve or eat the bait
I’m probably dying either way
So tell my momma she did great, yeah
Ain’t no escaping it yeah
I know you can’t get it
Triggers only kill us
We don’t die, like there’s blanks in it, yeah
Looked at me like I’m inferior
I’m black skin gold interior
Your only motives are ulterior
They ain’t getting me with that
I went to college that’s the caveat
I know the powers of a Basquiat
I know the police are a mafia
But they ain’t spooking me wit that (Ugh)
Paying fees and a tax (Ugh)
It’s a stock market crash (Ugh)
It’s a salarized cap (Ugh)
A communication gap (Yeah)
Separation from the pack (Ugh)
Laying blankets over facts (Ugh)
We’re sedated by the crack (Ugh)
Miseducated bout the past (Ugh)

Ain’t no escaping it yeah
I know you can’t get it
Blowing tree cuz our OG’s used to hang in it (Yeah)

My last name is not mine (Ugh)
I don’t know my bloodline (Yeah)
Who am I? Who am I? (Ugh)
Just a credit card declined? (Ugh)
Just a loan that declined?
Just a job I can’t find?
Just the back of your minds?
Just the face of your crimes?
At the pace of your time
Negotiating my rights
While I’m paying my price
Got these veins full of ice
Black folks never die
And I put that on my life (Yeah!)

Ain’t no escaping it yeah
I know you can’t get it
When my coffin filled
You ain’t gotta spill drank in it.. no

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