Kenyan Producer Claim Tekashi 6ix9ine Paid Him $900 For YouTube Copyright

How exactly did Tekashi 6ix9ine get his latest music video back on YouTube after it was removed?

“GOOBA” signified 6ix9ine’s re-entry into the hip-hop realm after spending months behind bars for racketeering. Under the terms of his house arrest, Tekashi 6ix9ine is allowed to release new music and requested special permission from the judge in the matter to record the music video for his comeback single, which dropped simultaneously on May 8th. The video feels like the aftermath of a rainbow explosion and even has 6ix9ine throwing shade at all those who have called him a snitch since ratting out his Nine Trey Gangsta Blood members by transforming into a snitch.

The 2 minutes and 29 seconds-long clip set a new YouTube record for most streams on a hip-hop video in 24 hours with 43 million views. All was well — until the video was removed from the platform.

Kenyan music producer, Magix Enga, had alleged that 6ix9ine copied one of his beats, and the video was taken done by YouTube over copyright infringement. It was reinstated shortly after, with Magix Enga, who made the accusation, saying, “6ix9ine, your song ‘GOOBA’ is now on YouTube, let me just forgive you bro, but at least respect Magix Enga, Kenyan Beat King.”

Magix’s comment may have made it seem as though the video was reinstated purely in good faith, but it appears as though there was money involved. The African producer has now told RapTV that he was offered the equivalent of $940 to put the song back up as soon as possible. Although Magix initially accepted the cash, he then had a change of heart. “I was like… I was 50/50 about that, but I decided to forgive the guy and take the money, but the next day I was like, hm… I need the credit. So, yesterday, I refunded the money,” he said. Tekashi’s team has denied all claims involving a monetary settlement.

The music video for “GOOBA” is currently sitting on more than 310 million views, with his next music video for his upcoming single “TROLLZ” set to drop on Friday.

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