King Gordy – Kings Freestyle Lyrics

From the North, a man of great strength
A conqueror
A man who would some day be king by his own hands

I’ve seen kingdoms crumble and fall
I’ve seen kings that lay dead behind prison walls
They were captured and tortured, some was slaughtered
The guards had their daughters carve them
As if they impregnate them, just to taint the blood
The castles is being overthrown by thugs
Back then we called them vikings or barbarians

In 2006 they would be called terrorists
Now bow and kiss the feet of your new king
Those who will defy will die so cruelly
Your new ruler is so unruly
I kill a different wife every day, they just don’t amuse me (Ooh wee)
King Gordy what the f*ck are you doing, you’ve killed 16 queens in only two weeks
f*ck you peasant, off with his head
I won’t stop ’till everybody I love is dead

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