King Lil G – Love Kills Lyrics (feat. Krypto)

[Verse 1: King Lil G]
She Hit The Blunt
And Then Pass It Back
Drove Slow
In That Cadillac
Talked About
Many Things In Life
Like I’m Not Your Man
But I Got Your Back
What The f*ck IS Wrong
With Your Ex-Man
Makes You Sad When He’s Txtin’
You Can’t Control
You Get Emotional
Like Who The f*ck Is Your Ex With
Take A Sip Of This Drink
Forget About That
We Smokin’
Forget About The Bullshit
For Just One Night
You & I We Own It
Giving Up On Love
You Don’t Even Try
You Wanna Feel Good?
I Could Be That New Supply
All Of My Homies They Know
That My Feelings Is Cold
And I’m Over
There’s Nothing Like Honestly
Back Then When I Lost
The Most Beautiful Girl
Never Spoken
She’s Taking A Part Of Me
And I’m Done With The Old Shit
Pictures That I’m Not Even Posting
Thank God For The City That I Live In
We Smoke By The Ocean

Bomb Kush & Alcohol
I Love The Way That It Feels
Chill With You
And I Smoke With You
I Love The Way That It Feels
(I Hear You G)
I Love The Way That It Feels
(Check This Out)
I’m Feeling You But Love Kills

[Verse 2: Kryptonite]
They Call Me Krypto
Posted Up With A Bad Bitch
And A Fat Blunt
Got Moon Rocks & A G Pen
At The Airport
And I’m High Ass f*ck
Its Like My Mind Rewinds
To A Time
When I Didn’t Have Shit Back Then
Back When I Handed Out Sacks
In The Back Of The Black Cadillac
Just Trying To Win
I Had A Righteous Woman
Now I’m Just f*cking Models

Feeling Like They Don’t Mean Shit
I Hit It & Quit
No Calls Tomorrow
No Sorrows Giving Head
In This Heart Of Gold
If Sucios Is Dirty Business
Then I Guess I’m Cold
Inhale My Pain
On To PCH I’m Drivin’
Chillin’ With Her
While I’m Txtin’ Her
But I Guess She Ain’t Replyin’
No Need To Feel
Like I’m Suppose To Be Hurt
But I Guess Thats What I Get
For Putting Me First
f*ck It

Bomb Kush & Alcohol
I Love The Way That It Feels
Chill With You
And I Smoke With You
I Love The Way That It Feels
I Love The Way That It Feels
I’m Feeling You But Love Kills

[Verse 3: King Lil G]
It Be That Mob Life
And They Know It
Living Life But A Moment
If It Smells Good
Then I Roll It
Hood As f*ck With My Forty
I Love The Trees Up In Portland
Hell Yeah The Shits Potent
Met That One Girl
And She Spent The Night
And She Woke Up Feelin Important
My Mixtape She Download It
I Love You Cuz
You Supported
Could Of Been Somewhere Else In Life
But My Destiny I Rewrote It
Bumping That Drug Dealer Music
As I’m Rolling Through My Hood
Slowly Blinking
Thinking Bout The Drinks
That I Gotta Pour In My Cup
Can’t Wait Till I Go To Atlanta
Then Go To Denver
And Smoke With Amanda
Hope I Can Hit Arizona
Shout Out To My Fans
When They Gettin’
At All The Promoters
And I Love Chicago
I Love That Chi-Raq
First Thing In The Mornin’
Gotta Catch That Flight Back


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