Kinneret – Spoon Bending! Lyrics

Finally I’ve bent my spoon with my mind
It’s about time

Measurements and time commitments
Both got nothing on me
All instructions are unwritten
All deductions illegitimate

Doesn’t matter what you call matter
This spoon is not matter
My mind is not matter
My brain is made of nothing but stars and Saturn
My mind is made of everything but facts and manners

Whoa, watch your manners
Chill with the laughter
They don’t like laughter
We won’t be laughing after
All the money’s gone

And we’re living off coupons

All because we shout “right on”
All because we never utilized our…

Kahn Acadamy accounts
And teach ourselves about
The facts without a doubt
How dare we even doubt

And I have the ability to teleport from one place to another
And I’m watching like big brother undercover
I don’t have the energy to serve physicality
Imma use my energy to bend all reality
Bend actuality
Bend all the spoons I see

And finally I’ve bent my mind with my spoon
Now I’m in tune

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