Kodak Black – Z Look Jamaican Lyrics

The Z look Jamaican
The streets say you fakin’
Shareese in here naked
[?], Prada
I hit her then forgot her
The Z born a shotta
The Z costs me a dollar

[Verse 1]
And when you eat, act like you swallowing it
Patek Philippe, got models in here
I’m turnt, I’m up, I’m all the way lit
Little brother a fag, he all on my dick
He [?] my swag, bumping like me
You can’t compare me, regardless
The weed you smell, it ain’t garbage
The mademoiselle in her 40s
The Z a Rastafarian, the Z a Rastafarian Coupe
I’m skeeting off dust [?] you
Your daddy a Z so what are you?
Dragging my feet ’cause I’m on the boot for sure
My momma and dad from the Caribbean
Got 40 tags on a European
I need head off the bat like I’m Derek Jeter
Roll a gram of that wax ’cause it’s therapeutic

Got too much Z with me, too much Z with me
Too much Z with me, too much Z with me
Too much Z with me, too much Z with me
Too much Z with me

[Verse 2]
Everybody [?] ’bout make a scene
Call TMZ, I got too much Z’s
Nigga TMZ, been to more cars than the DMV
Did a lot of fraudin’ in the DMV
He a Zoe but he look like a Rasta
Got a lot of killers on my roster
I be whipping the baby, no foster
Got the Siri bitch speaking Patois
I parked the Nissan in the Benz spot
I keep the tool like I’m Hancock
I keep it cool when the band drop
What you gon’ do [?]?
[?] give me the jwèt
It gets hard but I keep [?]
Wagwan if you step, you get scratched
I put a few niggas to rest
I murder for less
I catch me a body then I don’t know nothing about it
Florida boy like whatever county
They standing up still about me
Make lots of noise, and I [?]
Run up on me in mid day
I teach her Spanish then creole
She in [?]
She let me pee in her b-hole
I’m still on the streets on the d-low
350z, colors yellow and green
I like promethazine but not too much
Them niggas sweet ’cause I’m still in the streets
And they see me and don’t even do nothing
Rocking Celine, I’m clean with a dirty nine
She hop on that dick and she dutty whine
From the hood, you good, you one of mine
When she bust it open I cum inside

The Z look Jamaican
I put [?]
The Z look Jamaican
Rocking Celine, I’m clean with a dirty nine
The Z look Jamaican
The Z look Jamaican

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