Kristian Hoffman – Series Of Yous Lyrics (feat. Paul Zone)

Once again I’m tempting fate, standing near the dusty plate
Buying into maxims from the past
I’ve been told there’s only one – pick them out and then you’re done
Will this brief encounter be the last?
I can dress them up like paperback destiny –
Give them torrid heat like flicking a bic

But it’s so familiar, I start to fear it’s
One in a series of you’s
From the Xerox copy fatigue it’s clear it’s
One in a series of you’s

Here’s the liar and the thief, and the addict on relief;

Butcher, baker, rebel, and faux rogue
From the drunk insensible to the indefensible:
The cynic with his nose in Paris Vogue
In my own self serving sort of noblesse oblige
Credit them with depth they never have known


Strike about just like a jitterbug fer-de-lance:
Throw love at whatever gets in the way


If there’s anything that I don’t need here, it’s
One in a series of you’s
And my inner gremlin begins to sneer it’s
One in a series of you’s

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