Kyle Bent – Woosh Lyrics

[Intro] Ok


[Verse] My mind is a show

They watch me like tv

Throw ya hand up in the sky wave bye

Im free

They’ll never know

How I’m coming, good grief

Don’t give much info

Im on low

Self loyalty

Lost a lot on road

What’s the point of my heart

I’m cold

Thank god for the blessings I know

They keep me grateful on this mysterious road

Tell em stop pressing

I’m not guessing

Lit not flexing

Never been a question

Imma get my best things

And you can be a lesson

For all your disrespecting


[Chorus] Ain’t no question where I be at

Pop off in your face, that’s your beeswax

Looking for the truth, Imma be that

I ain’t never doubted, but I’ve been discounted

Had me out here drowning, go head sink without me

Yea I made it happen, I ain’t dream that

Never been a quitter and I mean that

My music in your air and you can breath that









[Outro] The whole bag’s in here Imma scheme that
Thank you lil baby for the feedback
Imma call u up and ima need that
I ain’t asking twice, I never feen that
Came from the pain, had to bleed that
Could never have enough, I’m where the greed’s at
They been hating me for nothing, can’t believe that
They been hating me for nothing

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