Kyyngg – Bakcwords Lyrics (feat. Lil Twist)

[Verse 1: Lil Twist]
Smack a nigga, backwards
Take your bitch, attack her
In the T, back like the Raptors
Damn, po’ a fo’ in her, Snapple
Uh, Twizzy L, baby, no Pampers
Uh, all these new niggas suck, change the channel
Uh, p*ssy nigga thinkin’ that they [?]
I’ma need a couple hoes in the spot
Whoa, wardrobe, malfunction
My niggas start shootin’ up the function
Uh, switchblade to a nigga head
Uh, I’ma get to carvin’ out a nigga, pumpkin
Whoa, dunk on your bitch like Drummond
Uh, step in this bitch, get to dumpin’
Uh, all these p*ssy niggas get to sufferin’
Oh, load up the chopper, yeah, it’s bufferin’

[Verse 2: Kyyngg]
New Givenchy, drip
I keep that Glock on my hip
I get that money, no change
My diamonds on ice, can you shout out my chain?
I’m with Young Carter, bitch, shout out Lil Wayne

f*ck with him, bitch, you must done with your plate
I’m with the gang and we young and insane
[?] we got you, we make you a stain
I’m with Lil Twist, yeah
When we shoot, we don’t miss
All of you lil niggas bitches
Can’t take none of these f*ck niggas serious
I’m bloody like a f*ckin’ period
She bring me that p*ssy, delivery
Duffin’ the coupe, bitch, I f*ck presidential
I take yo’ bih, put this dick in her dental

[Verse 3: Lil Twist]
I take the Jeep, put the packs in the rental
First I text Kylie and now I text Kendall
I had them both, put them both on agenda
I twist ’em up, put ’em both in a blender
She on her knees, hold my nuts up like Simba
I’m such a freak, bust a nut on her pimple
We be so hot, talkin’ hot in the winter
I got that white girl, that Miss Caitlyn Jenner

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