Lauren Auder – Meek Lyrics

Ever seen a canary
Let out of its cage
Watch it fly around in circles
See it come back again
Experience hurts you
So much more than I can
But innocence ain’t perfect
You can’t eat from it’s hand

She cried for the meek
But he won’t pick up
Theres no answer until
You find yourself one
She said she
Would adore her son
But she’d give it all up
For a one true love

And it’s so easy
It’s easy as I could find

It’s a blessing and a curse to be loved like this
If I give up first would I miss life’s kiss it’s hard balled up fist

I know that your weary
That time’s made you afraid
We go around in circles
It’s just stories we play out
The serpent still haunts you
And you’ll still miss our lambs

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